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Because it really has been too long. May. 14th, 2014 @ 10:11 am
I really forget to post here myself. I do keep up with my reading and even comment once in a while but I forget to post. And it's not like nothing interesting has happened either.

This Monday Trifon and I went to Maastricht to celebrate the fact that we have been together (officially) for 5 years now :) I like the city and even though it is a bit far (for us because we have no car) I wanted to go back. And even though we had terrible weather predictions we still decided to go. In the end the weather was pretty decent and dry most of the time.

I was happy that I even got to eat a Luikse wafel, because they were actually Lactose free. So Yay for that!

A lot has happened in these 5 years but I wouldn't have wanted to go the trip with anybody else.. so here is to another 5 years (or hopefully more) Maybe in those 5 years we can actually go on a holiday :o We haven't had to money for that so far.

PS. because I haven't been doing anything with it in the past few years, my English seems to be getting worse by the second. I really should pick up some of my old Uni books *feels ashamed*

Games and such Oct. 15th, 2013 @ 10:08 am
Sorry for not posting anything worth while for some time now.

I have been really absorbed in a few things.. and for now I am going to mainly tell you about the fun ones (in my eye): the games!

I have had a 3DS almost since the beginning.. which must be about 2 and a half years ago already :O although I am not completely sure.
I bought it because I thought it looked really pretty and because I know there are going to be games on it that I love. And although I bought only a few games in the beginning now the ones from the series I love the most have been coming out I have been spending a lot of time playing on my 3DS <3 Here are the two I like the most at the moment:

1. Animal Crossing - New leaf: I absolutely adore this new game in the series. I have been a big fan from the version that was first brought to Europe. I love the laid back atmosphere, the fact that you don't actually HAVE to do anything if you don't want too. But there is enough to do if you do. I love collection outfits, save up for home renovations and go out 'hunting' for fish and bugs for my museum. I also look forward to the seasonal changes and the various holidays that come with them. Right now I am preparing for Halloween. Something that might not be really celebrated here in the Netherlands, but I still like to enjoy in the game. I have currently invested over 300 hours in the game and I still have things to do! The only reason I am playing it a bit less at the moment is the next game on my list.

2. Pokemon X: Yeah I am still a VERY big Pokemon fan and this game I just had to have as well. It only came out world wide this Saturday. I really love all the new features so far! I am not going to go deep into it just yet because it is so new. But I will try and say something more about it later. The only thing I do want to say is that I absolutely love it as well!

I also wanted to give a small mention to Fire Emblem Awakened. I have not been playing it as intensely as I have those two above, but I still really like the game. It suits just to the needs I might have had from any of the previous versions of Fire Emblem (possibility to no perma death!) and I am sure I will pick it up again later to do another run ^^
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Nintendo Feb. 11th, 2013 @ 12:02 am
Today we visited my boyfriend's mother for her birthday which was this week. I knew my boyfriend owned a SNES and that it was somewhere in their attic. His mother came across it when she was clearing out some of the stuff up there. We had a little bit of searching to do before we found the box which hold the SNES again but we were able to take it with us this time.

The only thing was that they didn't know where the cables for the SNES were. So I finally got my hands on one (I think the only console so far without the Wii U that I didn't have myself.) and I was afraid I still couldn't play it. But I managed to find a solution to that. With a bit of testing and checking what it needed I got to play it using the power cable from my NES and the video/audio cable from my N64 XD I thought that was quite nice. He has 3 games with it and if I ever find another cool one up for sale somewhere I might get it. yay!

More on the Wii U. It is still on my 'really want to get it' list but no money to buy one so far. I really want the black version. Besides the fact that I just like black better then white, it is also the one with more storage capacity and Nintendoland. Which actually sounds like a fun game. But I will get my hands on one in the future. I am a big Nintendo fan so yeah. I am having fun with my 3DS in the mean time.

Stop.. meme time: Fictional characters Aug. 8th, 2012 @ 08:22 pm
1. Comment on this post with "MEEEEEE!"
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your IJ/LJ/DW.
sillie82 gave me an S

It took me a while but I found some.

1. Susan Sto Helit: In the Discworld series by Terry Pratchet, she is still one of my favourite characters. I have to admit that the books that have DEATH as one of the main characters are some of my favourites. And Susan is doing a good job of being just as cool a character as her grandfather. It must run in the family ;) She is smart and she has a good amount of sharp humour.

2. Sophie Hatter/Pendragon: This is a character from the Howl's moving castle series written by Diana Wynne Jones. She is another strong female character and I love her sense of humour too. She is a good counterpart to the somewhat strange and cowardly Howl. I think they fit very well together. If you have only seen the movie (or haven't) I strongly recommend these books. (there are 3 in the series of witch Howl's moving castle is the first) I just love most of Diana's work.

3. Sokka: He is from the series Avatar: the last airbender (the cartoon that is). I love his sense of humour that sometimes seems a bit misplaced and can be called somewhat corny. He might not seem very bright sometimes, but on some occasions you can see that he is indeed pretty perceptive and smart too. He is the only non-bender in the main group and he balances it out nicely.

4. Spencer Reid: From the TV series Criminal minds. Ahh yeah, what can I say. Who doesn't love a bit of a nerdy character. He is super smart, a bit socially awkward and (I think) good looking too. He has that nerdy/geeky charm around him I just got to love.

5. Severus Snape: Who is of course from Harry Potter. I already thought he was ok in the books, but once you see him played by Alan Rickman it is even better. I really like the way he plays the character. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the character but in the end he does come through. He has more than just one layer and that really makes him come alive. And yeah Alan Rickman just gives him that extra something.
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It really has been too long.. Feb. 20th, 2012 @ 12:09 am
For some reason when I am busy and stressy I sometimes post more, or completely disappear of LJ.. this time it is the latter. I just wanted to let you all know I did try and read up once in a while here. Life has been busy and the weather is really getting me down. It really isn't nice to be out in the snow/cold/rain/random yuck for a few hours a day. Being a mail(man)person isn't too bad but the weahter.. yeah.. I feel really Dutch bitching about the weahter.. but yeah. Hope you are all doing ok :)
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I know I am way late with this.. but I have been very busy. Mostly travelling from here to Utrecht and back.. and spending general time with my boyfriend or reading.

So Happy 2011 everybody.

A year in which I should at least try and finish some of the drawing I started and are still only line art.. :P
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a diploma ^^ from now on I am a Bachelor of Arts. (and I don't even dare to say more about it because it makes me feel worse about my English)
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I just wanted to post a picture of my latest doll shoot with my boy Quam ^^ as a bit of a teaser ;) I don't like his face up just yet.. so no close ups here. I know I need to try again and it will probably be better :)

For now just one Photoshopped picture of my first boy doll :P
» life
It is really weird being here at my boyfriend's house and him not being here. It is his first week of school ^^ and I think he likes it so far, they are doing intro-week stuff but tomorrow they are going to start at their first project I think. (Ohh btw he is in a school to become a gold/silver smith) I really hope he is going to like the next four years.

I will just have to manage seeing less of him and just kick my butt and find a job so we can really start looking for a place to live together. ^^
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